After The Goldrush, 2002

"After making The Battle of Orgreave, this big, expansive art work about the UK, I needed a change of scene. Luckily I was invited to the US for a three-month residency – I ended up staying for a year. While I was there I wrote a guidebook to the state, which included a treasure hunt and a CD, and I also bought a piece of land. The tour is based around people, Californians: two former Black Panthers in Oakland, a burlesque dancer from the 1950s, and a Cuban exile with a shady past, among others. This was more of a guide book to people than to places."

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Veterans Day parade near Death Valley, Nevada.
Recently-crashed car.
Mormon temple, Oakland, California.
Musician William Elliot Whitmore recording a live album on land near Trona, California.
Drink-driving memorial to warn drivers, Trona, California.
Kitten De Ville, Miss Exotic World winner.