The Bruce Lacey Experience, 2012
(with Nick Abrahams)

A film by Jeremy Deller and Nick Abrahams about the artist, musician and silly bugger Bruce Lacey. "When we met Bruce Lacey we were entranced – a modern day magus in brightly coloured clothes, he combines a very British interest in art and science, bringing them together in a way unlike anyone else either of us had encountered. It was as if Dr Dee had been reimagined by the Goons. We proposed to Bruce that we would like to make a feature film about him, and he kindly agreed. So every few months we would descend on his farmhouse and commit a little more of his world to video. Very soon we realised that we would only be providing an introduction to the world of Bruce Lacey, as a thorough documentary would have to be more like a TV series to cover all the ups and downs of Bruce's extraordinary career…. So please take your seats, fasten your safety belts and enjoy your trip into the Bruce Lacey Experience…"