It Is What It Is, 2009

"This project started as the idea to create a mobile museum of the war in Iraq that would tour the US. Finding material for the museum proved difficult, until we were offered a car that had been used in previous exhibitions. From this car, used as a centrepiece, we constructed a room in the museum where the public could meet and talk to people involved in the conflict in some way. The idea was then taken on the road; we towed the car from New York to LA, stopping off in 14 towns and cities on the way – a classic American road trip route – accompanied by an Iraqi citizen and an enlisted American soldier. It was presented in as neutral a way as possible, which puzzled a lot of people. But it meant that the public were more likely to talk to us, because they weren't scared of being dragged into some sort of political arena. Sometimes these conversations went on for hours. The car was subsequently donated to the Imperial War Museum in London."

Installation view, New Museum, New York, 2009
Flyer given to members of the public during the destroyed car's tour across the US
Photographs taken during the tour.

Talk at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Feb 2013

Video diary, April 2009

April 16, 2009. From Tempe, Arizona to Indio, CA

April 15, 2009. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

April 14, 2009. Santa Fe to Tempe, Arizona

April 13, 2009. Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 12, 2009. Amarillo to Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 11, 2009. Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

April 10, 2009. Emancipation Park, Third Ward, Houston, TX

April 9, 2009. University of Houston, Houston, Texas