Brian Epstein Died for You, 1994

"I have always had this vague obsession with Brian Epstein because of his role in popular culture, as the manager of The Beatles. The fact that if he hadn't have lived, The Beatles might not have happened, not in the way we know them at least, is quite important. I don't think he's ever been properly credited for his role within popular culture. And he paid the ultimate price for that. He effectively became a martyr for pop music, dying for its cause so that it could live. 'Brian Epstein died for you' is also a phrase that can potentially offend so many different people in so many different ways, and I like its blasphemous quality. I have used it in a variety of ways over the years – on street signs, on calling cards, in books and on t-shirts."

In Memoriam notice for Brian Epstein in The Telegraph newspaper, 1995
Street sign in Kennington, London